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Akai GX-M series / GX-F series cassette deck, wide shoe tape guide, new condition

Genuine original
Akai GX-F series and GX-M series cassette deck wide shoe tape guide.
Made in Japan, quantity of ONE (1)

This is a genuine original Akai cassette deck wide shoe tape guide replacement part. This wide shoe tape guide is a critical precision molded component that forms part of the tape guidance system on specific higher end Akai cassette deck models, providing precise tape to head alignment. This wide shoe tape guide is located between the capstan and the magnetic head(s) inserted into the centre well of the cassette shell. Akai specifically engineered this guide to be placed further away from the immediate vicnity of the centre head well heads to reduce tape guidance disturbance (such as tape edge fluttering) at the tape guide from influencing tape to head contact. By increasing the width of this guide shoe however, more positive tape guidance is realized compared to standard thin metallic guide fork plates used on most other magnetic heads. This part is useful for direct original manufacturer's part replacement for the wide shoe tape guide when the existing guide is deformed, or the guide fork is snapped or fractured, and tape guidance is no longer positive and safe, or the original tape guide is highly contaminated especialy at the bottom of the guide corners, with magnetic tape deposits after extended usage.

This guide shoe consists of a centre mounting hole whereby the guide shoe metallic pin on the head plate is inserted. The lower portion of the guide shoe has a molded U-shaped fork that secures the guide shoe from rotary movement when mounted on the guide shoe mounting shaft on the head plate. The guide shoe is then secured by careful precision height re-alignment via the guide shoe mounting nut and the original pressure spring. This guide shoe then, in conjunction with the erase head guide fork's height alignment, defines the tape guidance height position across the entire tape path passing over all heads.

This part is confirmed as the exact wide shoe tape guide replacement for the following Akai cassette models:

* Akai GX-F95, 3-head, 2-motor, quartz locked direct capstan drive cassette deck
* Akai GX-F90, 3-head, 2-motor, direct capstan drive cassette deck
* Akai GX-F80, 3-head, 2-motor cassette deck

This part is also very likely to be the correct replacement part for the following Akai cassette deck models of the same generation, though this is subject to confirmation (contact seller for more information on this) by the buyer and is solely at the buyer's risk if this item is purchased for application on Akai cassette deck models other than the three confirmed models listed above.

* Akai GX-M50, 3-head, 1-motor cassette deck
* Akai GX-M30, 2-head, 1-motor cassette deck
* Akai GX-M10, 2-head, 1-motor cassette deck

This part has long been discontinued, is no longer available, and availability is extremely rare.

Proper installation of this guide shoe requires the original guide shoe assembly pressure spring and mounting nut. These parts are not included in this sale. Professional quality level tape path and head re-alignment, likely followed by required electrical re-calibration procedure, are required to install this new tape guide shoe onto the deck and restore full tape guidance precision and consistency.

* New condition, immaculate - never used or mounted
* Slight yellowing of plastic guide from long term storage, no effect on performance of part