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Akai GX-F80 cassette deck, pinch roller assembly, VERY RARE
Excellent condition

Genuine original Akai GX-F80 cassette deck pinch roller assembly. Made in Japan

This is a genuine original Akai GX-F80 cassette deck pinch roller assembly replacement part. This pinch roller assembly is a high quality part with a metallic brass core instead of the typical plastic core on most cassette deck pinch rollers. In addition, the assembly structure is also fully metallic.

This replacement part has been removed from a mint condition GX-F80 where the pinch roller has received very low hours of use and only with premium brand blank tapes. The roller is also kept very clean with virtually no tape track imprinted on the rubber surface as with well used pinch rollers. As a result, the condition of this lightly used / low hours pinch roller is rated as excellent.

This part is useful for direct original manufacturer's part replacement for the Akai GX-F80 pinch roller assembly when the existing pinch roller is worn, badly contaminated or hardened with extended use over time. The proper installation of this pinch roller assembly requires the original retaining ring from the deck on which the pinch roller assembly is to be replaced. This retaining ring is not included in this sale.

This part has long been discontinued, is no longer available, and availability is extremely rare, and is compatible strictly with the Akai GX-F80's transport module only.

* Excellent condition - low hours
* Immaculately clean rubber surface
* Virtually no tape track imprint on rubber surface

This is a sale of a pre-owned and used audio equipment original replacement part, and is sold as is in above described condition, without further warranty, liability, nor technical support. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to positively confirm the exact and correct equipment model with which this replacement part is intended for, in order to ensure correct compatibility. All sales are final. No returns, no refunds, no exceptions.